To support the growth of the brand in Italy, Gruppo DigiTouch develops a multi-channel and integrated communication strategy.


Increase Brand Awareness and the social presence of the Nuvenia brand, which is besides women for the care of their feminine hygiene, not only during the menstrual cycle.


  • Definition of a Content Strategy on the main social profiles of the Brand with the opening of the Nuvenia Instagram page
  • Social Media & Creative Community Management
  • Ideation, development and delivery of special projects and tactical activations for the Brand



Blood Normal

Blood Normal campaign launched by the Brand in September 2019. Through a content sharing strategy and community management we have helped to convey the campaign’s message: “break the taboos on the menstrual cycle”. The campaign shows menstrual blood in its natural color for the first time, ending examples with blue liquids and consecrating an innovative and “disruptive” way of communicating. #bloodnormal tells with great sensitivity how the menstrual cycle is not a disabling condition, but an absolutely normal event.

July 2019

Nuvette Launch

  • With the aim of increasing awareness on the launch of the new sports-themed Clouds, we have launched a #RunwithNuvenia contest on Instagram with an Influencer Marketing activity to support and with the Design and Development of a dedicated Landing page
  • Results obtained with the Influencer marketing activity:
  • 18.000 organic impressions
  • 13.000 interactions

December 2019

Social media activation, Influencer Marketing and launch of the #TalkwithNuvenia Instagram format


  • Amplify awareness on the Blood Normal campaign
  • Launch the Instagram #TalkwithNuvenia format
  • Organic results obtained

Impressions: 15.876

Reach: 12.127

Interactions: 1.376

Acquired Followers: 1.203