Strategic consultancy for your company

Promote market and services and recruit clients online and offline

Omnichannel Communication

Today the Customer Journey is becoming more and more complex and articulated.

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SEO and CRO are activities that are part of a correct digital marketing strategy and operate in a complementary manner, the first...

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Analysis Tracking

The web universe allows us nowadays to have access to millions of data, measurable through software platforms and Analysis Tracking tools.

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Performance Marketing is a strategy based on the monitoring of the actual performance of a brand and of the result of its...

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Data Driven Media

In a business strategy, a Data Driven approach is one oriented to data analysis, therefore to concrete, detailed and measurable factors.

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Communicating your brand on the web and promoting it in a coordinated and synergic way requires the planning of a Digital Strategy.

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For Digital Marketing is meant that set of marketing activities that are carried out on the web for the growth and consolidation of an online business. It can act in parallel to a traditional sales strategy, as is the case for physical stores, or in an exclusive manner as in the case of some e-Commerce that operate only on the web. Digital Marketing therefore includes activities such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), Communication Strategy, Lead Generation, etc.

To date, creating a website and managing social media channels is no longer enough. The timely planning of an effective data-driven digital marketing strategy with an omnichannel address is what can really make the difference to a company and make it more competitive in its sector.

Each company has its own strengths and weaknesses, so each strategy is designed specifically to allow the achievement of the established business objectives.

H2: Why does your company need to do digital marketing?

  1. Because nowadays everyone has a mobile device in their hands and connected users are increasing everyday more and more
  2. You have the opportunity to deliver the right message to the right person
  3. You can monitor and measure the results of your strategy
  4. You can improve your strategy immediately

Gruppo DigiTouch, present on the market for over 12 years, is the leading company in digital marketing in Milan. Within the Gruppo DigiTouch we have Digital Marketing professionals specialized in numerous digital strategic consulting services. We are able to support our customers since the initial definition phase of products/services.

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