Creation and consolidation of your e-Commerce

Consultancy and solutions for your e-Commerce

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Computing consists of the distribution of software and hardware resources such as servers, computing services, databases, data storage memories, etc. via...

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Brand Experience

In today’s digital market, a declaration is made more and more frequently: brands today are the result of consumer experience.

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Social Content

Social Media Content is part of Social Media Management (SMM), an extension of Digital marketing that deals with giving visibility to companies...

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Data-Driven Creativity

Creativity and the world of Big Data are not actually two separate and incommunicable universes among themselves.

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Experience Design

The users’ brand experience necessarily passes through the Touchpoints through which the brand becomes identifiable and available: it is therefore essential that...

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E-Commerce Solution

The development of an e-Commerce, in fact, does not pass only through the numerical aspects.

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E-Commerce is playing an increasingly important role in the market, with double-digit growth year on year. If on the one hand opening an online store or consolidating its presence allows to extend the presence on the market and constitutes a step forward towards the Digital Transformation of the company, on the other hand it requires an action plan that takes into account multiple factors.

A constantly changing digital environment forces companies to be adaptable and fast in the face of the proliferation of different touchpoints, which is why a capillary and personalized presence is needed for each touchpoint, which strengthens brand awareness and at the same time simplifies the user experience. In fact, to be truly effective, the e-Commerce interface should adapt differently to all digital platforms.

Gruppo DigiTouch will help you to build your online store, if you don’t have it yet, and will provide you with consultancy in creating the appropriate strategy to maximize sales

Do you think that an e-Commerce site should worry about the content within the site?

The main objective of an e-Commerce is to sell, but to do so it needs to win the trust of the consumer. How do you gain the trust of a user? By providing him with all the necessary information about the product and, above all, the information to reduce his suspicions about buying online.

Implementing content marketing to your e-Commerce will increase conversions and the ability to transmit both the values of the brand and of the product.

The Group offers a multidisciplinary approach to guarantee your e-Commerce a strategic positioning, based on the knowledge of the market and the identification of the reference targets. A preliminary analysis is followed by a constant monitoring of the progress of your online store to find out the problems and intervene with appropriate marketing operations and a personalized digital strategy.

To have your e-Commerce take off choose Gruppo DigiTouch!