Design, implementation and consolidation of the sales experience on e-commerce channels and marketplaces.

From the design of the experience to the technological implementation of direct and indirect channels.

Consumers’ purchasing habits are increasingly evolving towards hybrid models that require the brand to be present both online and offline.

Before setting up an online sales channel, it is a good idea to consider some strategic aspects and technical choices in order to identify the most effective solution for your case. The technology to be used, the touchpoints to be covered and whether to opt for a direct or an indirect sales channel are just some of the questions to be asked.

The professionals and experts in our DigiTouch e-commerce business unit will support your company in its sales strategy, guiding it through the various choices from experience design to technical implementation. Across all touchpoints.

The first step in defining the experience to be developed will be a strategic planning analysis, whether it is a question of creating an e-commerce site or establishing a position on the main marketplaces for the market. DigiTouch owns a platform capable of distributing products to millions of consumers through Europe’s leading marketplaces (already on Amazon, eBay, ePrice, eMag, ManoMano, Aliexpress and Ratashop, and soon to be on Cdiscount, El Cortes Inglés, Allegro, Spartoo and Otto).

Our DigiTouch e-commerce business unit offers the following main services:

  • E-commerce site development
  • Marketplace Positioning strategy
  • Streaming commerce
  • Consulting for direct and indirect e-commerce
  • Service & Experience Design
  • Neuromarketing

DigiTouch’s bundled offering of e-commerce, marketing and technology services allows the DigiTouch e-commerce business unit to also provide advice to its customers on how to promote direct and indirect sales channels and how to implement the most suitable cloud and infrastructure services to ensure their resilience.

Contact us to learn more from our consultants about how we can help you to assist your company in capitalising on the business opportunities that online sales channels offer.