Data Mining: Big Data at business service

Plan, implement and manage clients' digital offers

System & Solution Integration

System Integration consists of a computerized connection process of systems, applications and data belonging to heterogeneous and differentiated platforms.

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Gamification is a methodology that uses the dynamics and mechanics of gaming, such as the use of points, levels, rewards, missions, etc.,...

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Business Process Automation

Many companies still constrain their work to slow and repetitive processes, which require human resources, time and energy.

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Cyber Security

Cyber ​​Security aims to protect IT systems from internal and external attacks (such as viruses and hackers), therefore it acts by detecting...

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Artificial Intelligence

Bots are applications capable of responding to a specific user need following a predefined script.

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Business Analytics

Business Analytics applied to companies makes processes faster and more effective and helps to apply the necessary changes to maintain high company...

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Data Intelligence is one of the most innovative and important branches of every modern business strategy: it consists of obtaining useful information from the analysis of user data (Big Data Analytics), in order to improve the company’s performance and set up an adequate strategy for marketing and more. A company that wants to be competitive in the digital landscape cannot ignore the use of Big Data platforms to set the correct approach to the market.

Every company has potentially a vast amount of data that it is not able to analyse; these data come from the most disparate sources, such as Social Media, analysis websites, tracking systems, but also from others. Knowing the origin of these data and monitoring them is fundamental to understand the decision-making approach and the interests of users, intercepting current trends and consequently improving business performance, keeping your customers’ data safe.

Data Mining is the result of analysis based on the processing of current and historical data, coming from different sources and channels. The objective is to implement strategic actions aimed at improving performance, undertaking marketing and commercial actions, reducing costs, making processes more efficient, etc.

Gruppo DigiTouch, thanks to the expertise of the company Meware, has a team of professionals composed of engineers, statisticians and mathematicians able to operate Data Mining activities to provide your company with business intelligence and business analytics solutions.