SEO & CRO: integrated optimization strategies for the positioning of your brand

SEO and CRO are activities that are part of a correct digital marketing strategy and operate in a complementary manner, the first one for a good brand positioning in search engines and the second one for increasing the conversions of a website (Conversion Improvement)

What is SEO and how does website optimization work


A valid SEO consultancy (Search Engine Optimization) allows you to increase the organic traffic on your website and to win the top positions in search engines. Thanks to the development of an effective strategy applied to your website or e-Commerce, you can exceed your competitors and be easily found by your users thanks to the use of keywords, aimed at intercepting research intent

The SEO team of the Group can follow the positioning strategy of your website starting from a SEO analysis that will allow you to draw up an in-depth SEO Audit. The team will be able to offer you a complete consultancy thanks to the supervision of the SEO Managers, the operativity of the SEO Specialists and the creativity of the SEO Copywriters.

The combination of on-page optimization (using effective content containing appropriate keywords) and off-page optimization (using a Link Building strategy) will allow your brand to climb the SERP (search results page).


CRO: Conversion Marketing strategies to turn visitors into customers


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), also called Conversion Marketing, is the set of experimental techniques that allows you to increase the conversions of a site, or to increase the number of visitors that turn into customers. The CRO is an activity that has become increasingly important for online business, although too often this is an aspect which is not take under too much consideration.

At a process level the CRO can be considered as a continuous and cyclical improvement activity that involves different disciplines during its stages: data analysis, design and creativity, technology and marketing.

Our Group’s CRO and Conversion Marketing experts use the most effective platforms and the most advanced tracking systems available on the market to carry out analyses, highlight critical issues and intervene both in the information architecture and in the layout and graphics of the site.

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