Performance Marketing and Lead Generation campaigns

Digital Performance Marketing: strategies and metrics of reference for the Performance of a brand

Performance Marketing is a strategy based on the monitoring of the actual performance of a brand and of the result of its marketing and Lead Generation actions. Being precisely based on performance, payments are made when transactions have been completed, not upstream as in traditional marketing.

The digital performance of a brand is observed by the effective engagement that raised in users and by the quantity and the type of interactions they have following stimuli such as DEM (Direct E-mail Marketing), ChatBot, SMS Advertising, etc.

To measure the effectiveness of the marketing strategy KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are used, indicators that make it possible to detect the degree of achievement of an objective, such as the success of an advertising campaign or the performance of an e-Commerce.

The metrics taken into consideration in the evaluation of a performance through KPIs are, for example, linked to the stage of marketing funnel, therefore the Click through Rate, the Conversion Rate, etc.

Users are more and more attentive, aware and selective towards digital marketing campaigns, reason why high performances are linked not only to a good strategy, but also to the validity of the contents and the ability to provide a personalized customer journey.


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To us, bringing value to customers through Performance Marketing means generating concrete and measurable results. Thanks to the management of different marketing and communication technologies we can give real support to the sales of a brand with Lead Generation.

We plan Pay per Performance campaigns and Pay Per Lead campaigns in a traffic building and drive to store logic, activating different channels and formats including Search Engine Advertising, DEMs, SMS, Display Adv on Google Network and on automated platforms, Retargeting and Mobile Proximity.