A data driven Business Strategy approach

Data Driven Advertising solutions to approach traditional media connected to digital media methods.

In a business strategy, a Data Driven approach is one oriented to data analysis, therefore to concrete, detailed and measurable factors. Companies are increasingly turning to the quality and specificity of data, as well as to the quantity of these – which today can be found from the most various sources, therefore it becomes increasingly important to verify their reliability and validity.

A data driven oriented method implies the collection, analysis and management of data in order to know in depth the browsing and purchasing behaviour of customers. The focus is a refinement of the Customer Experience, which must always be more personalized. From a strategic analysis of the targets, we move on to the Personas, individual profiles on which to model the company’s objectives.

The term «addressable» encompasses all those traditional advertising plans structured in data driven logic. Gruppo DigiTouch is among the first companies in Italy to propose a data-driven advertising solution to be applied to connected traditional media, increasingly widespread, such as connected TVs, digital radios and digital billboards, according to their own purchasing dynamics, planning, targeting and measurement of digital media.

The current offline planning already theoretically responds to the same logic, since the choice of the media mix is ​​guided by the observation of the targets on each medium, albeit with statistical estimates and/or survey responses.

The introduction of new measurement methods also on these media leads to an evolution in the quality of the data collected, which become “real, actually allowing the creation of profiled plans and the delivery of messages relevant to clusters of audience. Consequently, it is possible to reduce losses in terms of targets and budgets, advantages normally offered by digital planning.

Gruppo DigiTouch has the skills and a team dedicated to the planning and managing of offline addressable & programmatic projects