Analysis Tracking: analyse to decide

The web universe allows us nowadays to have access to millions of data, measurable through software platforms and Analysis Tracking tools. Being data, they are therefore numbers that can be analysed, calculated and, above all, exploited in favour of a well-defined strategy.
In marketing as well as in the economy, calculating the skills and market trends relating to one’s own online business with almost mathematical precision is fundamental to achieve the goal set.


Everything is traceable: the accesses to the site, the origin of the users, the demographic data and like these many others. The types of information that can be congenial to build a good strategy can be mainly divided into 2 groups: quantitative data that are used to collect statistical and structured numbers on which the strategies are based as they contain general information; qualitative data which collect salient details to better understand the contexts, motivations and impressions relating to the aforementioned scientific data.


In the quantitative data group, therefore, all the data resulting from tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search consoles are included, whereas the qualitative data are the result of tools such as Hotjar which, through its heat maps, indicate the choices, preferences and conditional user’s movements.


The result of the analysis carried out on platforms, websites or e-Commerce allow the sector specialists to implement corrective actions in order to increase the traffic of engagement of a brand and the satisfaction of your user, therefore achieving the pre-set objective in the pre-analysis phase.


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