Gruppo DigiTouch is proud to collaborate with Kaspersky for communication and awareness about such a crucial issue for our time as Cyber Security.


Development and implementation of a full funnel strategy to increase awareness, consideration, lead generation and intention to buy.


  • Awareness Campaigns
  • YouTube Video Strategy
  • Special Projects
  • Digital PR
  • Content Creation and Social ADV



spontaneus awareness*Source data: Brand Lift Google YouTube


Intention to buy*Source data: Brand Lift Google YouTube

+22 millions

Total Impressions


Progetto speciale

Rock The Web

“The web is our stage”: here IT is the insight behind the special Rock the Web project, which allows those who choose Kaspersky products to win 1 year of Spotify Premium. Among the touchpoints involved, a memorable video trailer, display and social adv, Spotify Radio and a landing page with long form content.

Spotify Radio 30'' featuring Ema Stocholma

Campaign 2019-2020


You hear so much about cyber threats, but … it won’t happen to me! This incorrect way of thinking is directly addressed by the concept of the 2019-2020 communication campaign, created together with the content creator and digital entrepreneur Stefano Mongardi.


Quello che faccio online non sono affari tuoi

The first campaign developed for Kaspersky integrated Video Strategy, Influencer Marketing, Website and Field Activation thanks to a strong concept and an exceptional testimonial. In addition to significant results for the objectives of awareness and intention to buy, the campaign has obtained important awards in some of the most important creative prizes.