A partnership with a very special taste. Gruppo DigiTouch is proud to collaborate with one of the most iconic brands on the Italian market.


  • Increase brand awareness and consideration among a younger audience
  • Launch the presence of the Brand on Instagram with a new visual identity and a new editorial strategy


  • Definition of a new premium positioning
  • Design and development of a new website
  • Dedicated product shooting
  • Editorial line and Instagram launch campaign
  • Special projects


2019 Instagram Campaign

Each segment something special

“Each segment something special”: the new communication concept has guided the creation of a launch campaign for the Instagram channel, all based on the reactions generated by the inimitable taste of Auricchio. In addition, social storytelling has enhanced a new user experience: the “Auricchio cutting board”, as a fast and quality solution at the same time.

Corporate Website

The new website had to both renew the brand’s look & feel in a premium direction and tell the important evolution path of the company, no longer just synonymous with “provolone” but authentic “world” of flavors. Gruppo DigiTouch has worked end-to-end, from the definition of the user experience to web design up to development, integrating artificial intelligence elements to customize navigation.

2020 Valentine's Day Special Project

Auricchio Love Experience

Valentine’s Day 2020 was the occasion to communicate the most prestigious product for the first time: the Stravecchio. Thus was born the social engagement project “Auricchio Love Experience”, a contest that rewarded the most significant story by the community with an exclusive experience between the Auricchio HQ in Cremona, the Violin Museum and a private tasting.