System & solution integration

System Integration: what it is and how it works

System Integration consists of a computerized connection process of systems, applications and data belonging to heterogeneous and differentiated platforms. Solutions for system integration are becoming increasingly necessary for companies that want to take on a competitive advantage, as they facilitate the exchange of data and tools between different operating environments and reduce the time-to-market.


The advantages of System Integration for business

In a context where the level of Digital Transformation of a company is an increasingly incisive factor in determining success or failure, more and more companies are relying on third-party system integrators to facilitate data exchange and information between the different platforms and operating units.

The advantages for the business are obvious, since the System Integration allows to avoid the maintenance costs and the difficulties of management of internal integrating platforms, to operate interconnections with greater ease and consequently to reduce the response times towards the customers. Furthermore, the use of systems that are strictly interconnected and interdependent, in efficient dialogue with each other, instead of extremely fragmented systems, in addition to reducing costs it also notably improves performance.

Thanks to System Integration, data from heterogeneous sources can be retrieved, analysed and sorted according to the needs and characteristics of the company, providing complete and correct information.


Gruppo DigiTouch as MarTech System Integrator

Gruppo DigiTouch offers a Consulting and System Integration service that helps customers to develop their business through 360 degree digital solutions. Configuring itself as a Software vendor for System Integration solutions, it offers companies an open and customizable platform according to the specific needs, identified after a careful analysis and consulting process. The fundamental characteristics of the service are flexibility, customer focus and smartness.