Cyber Security: Security of networks and IT systems

Cyber ​​Security aims to protect IT systems from internal and external attacks (such as viruses and hackers), therefore it acts by detecting threats and risk factors and intervenes preventing violations of computer networks that could put data security at risk.

It is fundamental for a company to provide itself with a Cyber ​​Security service that can act in favour of data security and corporate computer networks, also to protect its customers.

Moreover, from year to year the economic losses suffered by companies due to cyber-attacks have increased, and for this reason it’s becoming more and more necessary to equip themselves with security systems able to face this problem.

Solutions for data protection and corporate security

Thanks to the expertise of Purple Ocean, the Group has a team of professionals in information system security, committed to supporting companies in protecting their data against viruses and hacker attacks. The team’s working method is developed in two macro phases:

  1. Analysis of the security level of the online presence of the brand: through Security Assessment and Penetration Test activities, hacker behaviour is simulated to compromise a system, highlighting risk factors. Risk management is linked to a careful analysis of the state of the entire infrastructure in a Risk Evaluation perspective that allows you to be constantly aware of current and future risks;
  1. Proactive monitoring of IT systems: Security Management activity based on Event Monitoring & Maintenance through the management of the main SIEM platforms (security information and event management).

One of the main objectives is to guarantee a proactive security system which can notify anomalous behaviours and point of attention to monitor in a preventive way.

To protect your company’s data, rely on a team that has decades of experience in managing large customers and complex, business-critical infrastructures.