Artificial Intelligence applied to Business

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to get to know consumers

Artificial Intelligence systems can operate calculations, perform processing and comprehend texts in a comparable way to the human mind, and, to some extent, in a better way.

Today, companies can use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to select, extract and analyse an amount of data more and more consistent and diverse, making efficient the company performance. Data, current of historical and coming for various sources, provide precious information to the company on the users’ buying and navigation behaviour, in order to intercept their needs and offer a better and tailored user experience.

Artificial intelligence for big data analysis

Gruppo DigiTouch features an integrated platform, the Meware Cognitive Platform (MCP), which allows to conduct a thorough investigation of Big Data through the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The objective is to correctly extract and read the Big Data and turn it into useful insights that can bring a competitive advantage compared to businesses that don’t exploit this type of analysis: the specialist’s know-how is then the key instrument of Business Intelligence.

H3: The new perspectives of Marketing Automation thanks to ChatBots

Bots are applications capable of responding to a specific user need following a predefined script. The user has the impression of communicating directly with a real person with the use of a simple and easy to understand language.

Gruppo DigiTouch has developed a proprietary ChatBot application in Italian which has been baptised as BOT(H), where H stands for Human. It’s a costumed platformed of Marketing Automation that adapts itself to the specific needs of the bran, to any product category it belongs to, and that offers different solutions made ad hoc. The use of BOT (H) represents a great opportunity for companies to get in touch with their audience and intercept potential customers, actively involving them through an instant, interactive, private and personalized conversation.

If innovation is important to you and the quality of the service offered to your customers is the most important factor to you, you are in the right place: test us and rely on us to take advantage of Facebook bots with a ChatBot service customized for your brand!