Social Media Content

Social Media Strategy to increase the visibility of companies or brands

Social Media Content is part of Social Media Management (SMM), an extension of Digital marketing that deals with giving visibility to companies or brands through social media and digital communities. By Social Media we mean all online platforms that allow user interaction (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin), photo and video sharing (Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube), but also blogs.

These platforms have revolutionized corporate communication, allowing customers and brands to talk equally through the creation of new digital spaces reachable at any time thanks to a concrete Social Media Strategy.

How does Social Media Management work?

Social Media Management must be in compliance with the different guidelines and the specific language of each social network in an efficient manner, by choosing the channels that are most suitable for your business and the target audience

An effective Social Media Content and Social Community Building strategy can intercept the public of customers and online prospects, spreading services, products, companies, increasing their customers and improving their relationship, but not necessarily choosing all the social networks made available by the web is a winning weapon!

Marketing objectives and Social Media Content: the approach of Gruppo DigiTouch specialists

The objectives of Social Media Advertising are the same as those of conventional marketing: spreading a message, making oneself recognizable and stimulating an action. An effective Social Media Content strategy aimed at achieving specific objectives involves 4 phases:

  • Analysis: starting from your business objectives, we will analyse your starting point to collect the information necessary for the development of a Social Media Content strategy;
  • Definition of a strategy: once your starting point has been defined, we will create a social media strategy that predicts a tactic planning of all the activities that will be needed to develop and strengthen your company’s presence on social media
  • Esecution: we will take action through the development of editorial solutions supported by innovative creativity, the set-up of customized pages, the creation of Social Adv and Community Management campaigns respecting the adherence to the corporate values ​​and mission;
  • Measurement: to measure the effectiveness of the strategy, we will draft customized reports every month on the objectives (social engagement, reach, fans, etc.).

Social networks can become a fundamental component for your company. Discover with us how you can develop an effective Social Media Content approach to better communicate with your audience.