An original solution of Experience Design that places the user at the center

The users’ brand experience necessarily passes through the Touchpoints through which the brand becomes identifiable and available: it is therefore essential that these points of contact between customers and the brand are treated in detail, in order to entice the customer to approach the brand.

In the digital world, in fact, it is important that all the elements work at their best not only from a technical point of view, but it is also fundamental that the online spaces in which the brand is present are optimized at the user experience level: the Digital Customer Experience, together with a focused Design Strategy, is what we must always pay the most attention to, which is why we will assign each Touchpoint specific roles and objectives, so as to make the customer journey as smooth as possible

Technology at the service of the customer journey

Gruppo DigiTouch promotes a user-centered approach through a strategic interface design, intuitive and personalized.

The Experienxe Design solution of the Group brings together technological, marketing and design offers to ensure companies respond to people’s real needs, reaching their business goals and relying on artificial intelligence and the cloud

The integration of the Group’s experience design with Meware’s machine learning technologies constitutes a new offer on the market that relies on the analysis of user behavior on interfaces, simulation of interaction paths and predictive analysis of browsing behaviour.

The team is composed of heterogeneous professionals (design, IT & Marketing Intelligence work closely) with high vertical and solid skills

During the analysis phase a UX / UI Audit & Guideline document will be created, in which we will highlight all the areas of improvement linked to the user experience and we will be able to propose a work of Customer Experience Design aimed at mapping the path of consumers the most user and customer friendly possible.