Data Driven Creativity: technology meets creativity

Creativity and the world of Big Data are not actually two separate and incommunicable universes among themselves. Their interaction, especially in marketing, can be very fruitful in setting up a user-centered marketing strategy. This is why we increasingly talk about Data Driven Creativity.

Creativity, in fact, is the ability to obtain something new and to create connections between what already exists, in this case the Data. This is why it is useful to combine tools of Data Management and Artificial Intelligence, which collect data from multiple sources and then analyze them obtaining useful information, to an effective marketing strategy on a creative level.

The objective of a Data Driven strategy is to set up a marketing campaign based on specific segments of target, which takes into account demographic data, the history of the user and numerous other signals. A clever use of Big Data on a creative level allows us to design a user experience that is as immersive and personalized as it can, it engages the user at a precise moment of his knowledge with the brand, and this is possible thanks to the consumer insights obtained with Data Analysis


User-tailored creativity


A data driven creative approach is what Gruppo DigiTouch pursues thanks to the expertise of E3. Through the analysis and measurement of insights, we offer companies a marketing strategy that puts the user at the center and allows their customers to enjoy a tailor-made experience, which increases the level of loyalty and engagement on all touchpoints on which the company is positioned.