Cloud solutions: customized solutions

Cloud Solutions: Cloud Computing for companies

Cloud Computing consists of the distribution of software and hardware resources such as servers, computing services, databases, data storage memories, etc. via the internet.
The search for Cloud solutions by companies is increasingly frequent and increasing, due to the benefits that cloud computing brings to companies and not only at a Digital Transformation level.

These solutions allow, in fact, the removal of complex and expensive operations necessary for the maintenance and protection of hardware, software and human resources involved in the development of internal business applications.

The advantages of Cloud computing for companies

The services offered by a Cloud are numerous and can be combined according to the needs and allow companies exploit numerous advantages on several fronts:

  • Cost reduction for local data center management, hardware investments and IT staff
  • Increased security thanks to network and data protection with backup services and disaster recovery solutions
  • Increase in speed due to the use of dedicated data bands with high capacities that allow you to use resources very quickly
  • Greater flexibility guaranteed by the possibility to personalize resources in the Cloud according to business needs.

Cloud environments and personalized solutions

Gruppo DigiTouch has many years of experience in managing complex and heterogeneous infrastructures and is able to design, implement and manage cloud environments (private and public).
It employs elastic infrastructures capable of dynamically evolve and responde at their best to the needs of performance, cost optimization, ease of management (automation) and resilience.

Through the combination of hybrid and multi-cloud environments, it covers all the customers needs and guarantees business continuity, the absence of vendor lock-in (block from supplier) and the adoption of the best solutions on the market.

Its strength is the ability to provide a customized managed service.