Brand Experience

In today’s digital market, a declaration is made more and more frequently: brands today are the result of consumer experience. As a matter of fact, the consumer is more and more often led to experience in a comprehensive way, that is without distinction between the physical experience (buying an in-store product) and the digital one, forgetting the differences between content, media, materials and products.

The physical sales space is used as a carrier of the brand experience, monitored to understand the real needs of the consumer, increasing the success rate. At the same time, the virtual environment guarantees brand consistency, activates synergies and harmonizes brand reputation.

The virtual environment is built in such a way as to integrate this strategy, offering the opportunity to considerably enrich its offer with an eye towards the building of customer loyalty.

It can be actually considered as an exchange value in a scenario where the consumer, related to the brand, acquires and lives its experience.

Entrusting your brand to an agency capable of building a good brand experience simply means firmly believing in your services and products.

Experiential marketing exploits the emotional sphere of the customer with the aim of creating a personalized and lasting bond with the brand. The customer is looking for a personalized and unique experience that involves him at 360 degrees through the different touchpoints that can be activated according to the need.

More and more companies have learned how the brand experience model is fundamental to ensure a competitive success of the brand on the market. In fact, according to a recent survey, as of today, 86% of companies evaluate this type of action as an element of differentiation compared to the 36% in 2012.


Gruppo DigiTouch puts at your disposal a team of insights and marketing researchers who will analyze, study and build a successful brand experience around the brand identity of your company. We will provide you with a professional service, optimizing the branding strategies according to some fundamental principles.


We will build the personalization of the customer experience around your brand to create a unique emotional relationship. We will analyse the consumer expectations in order to satisfy and overcome them by creating a deep relationship with your brand. We will help you optimize your sales system simplifying purchasing and retention processes making them simpler and clearer.