Ceramiche Noi

We have activated our skills in the field of technology and digital marketing to support a Made in Italy's Excellence


Ceramiche Noi is a small Italian company that was born from the courage of some workers in opposing to the transfer to Armenia of the Italian craftsmanship excellence and from their commitment to buy the company and relaunch it while keeping it in Umbria.


We support Ceramiche Noi in launching its communication and online visibility.


  • Design and development of the Ceramiche Noi website.


The creation of the website www.ceramichenoi.it has allowed the brand to be known and found online and to present, through an impacting visual and an emotional story, its rich range of products and collections, all rigorously Made in Italy and characterized by a combination of tradition and innovation.




The site shows the collections, tells the Ceramiche Noi’s history and its roots with a narrative and photographic storytelling, presents the craftsmen involved in the project and illustrates the various stages of processing the products.