Enterprise Gamification

What is Gamification?

Gamification is a methodology that uses the dynamics and mechanics of gaming, such as the use of points, levels, rewards, missions, etc., in non-playful contexts, with numerous advantages: facilitating relationships, facilitating the learning and increasing productivity.

The importance of gaming grows exponentially for the new generations, who have grown up with internet and smartphones and are increasingly sensitive to communication through mechanisms that mimic the interconnected and competitive world of online games.

It is a method that can be applied in teaching, but also in business and for e-Commerce, facilitating the loyalty of customers and employees. The Enterprise Gamification market is growing rapidly at global level and constitutes an element of strong competitive advantage in the company’s Digital Transformation.

A proprietary platform for Business Gamification

The Group has a proprietary platform, one of the few existing in Italy, that applies the mechanics and dynamics of gaming in the business environment, offering companies an effective tool for engagement in the medium / long term:

  • loyalty, retention, upselling on clients;
  • Employee incentives, improved productivity.

It is a multi-channel and multi-level platform, with a customized configuration based on business needs. It can be integrated on websites, social and mobile applications, e-Commerce and sales points.

How does the Gamification process work?

The product offered by the Group is a neutral, structural platform that can be specialized through a very simple configuration phase. The starting point is the identification of business objectives, such as increasing sales through the online site, followed by the definition of the rules that create a fundamental narrative in making the experience more attractive.

Specifically, Gruppo DigiTouch intervenes in the Gamification process through a method that develops into four macro-phases:

  1. Design of the flow of gamification and definition of the narration
  2. Choice of engagement and integration dynamics on the “game” rules platform
  3. Graphic customization of the game platform
  4. Development of an app or user interface that allows companies to receive real-time notifications of user level progress.

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