DMP: the ideal solution to support your marketing actions

Data Management Platforms facilitate data management and transform data into concrete actions

Data Management Platform (DMP) is a software able to aggregate and organize different kinds of data (first, second and third party data) form online, offline and mobile sources.

Similar to a traditional data warehouse, DMP stands out to be super-partes regarding different kinds of data that must be aggregated.

In other words a DMP is a technological platform collecting huge quantity of data and sorts them in profiled segments that are connected to online users’ behaviour and to their peculiarities. In this way a DMP allows to enhance these data in actions, which are addressed to users and that can be planned, delivered and measured in real time.

Often integrated in automated platforms to buy and sell advertising spaces (DSP), DMPs are used first to optimize buying and selling of online advertising spaces, in particular within media planning in programmatic buying and Real Time Bidding (RTB).

Our Group has internally developed a data management platform (today owned by Bango – DigiTouch is a reseller of Audiens’ technology in Italy) that allows to:

  • find prospects with peculiarities similar to those belonging to customer base thanks to a feature called Lookalike
  • cross different segments to create highly evolved target by using third party-data through a feature called Audience Modelling
  • analyze customer base behaviour and identify affinity with other groups of users, thanks to the feature of Analytics
  • identify and reach the same client on more devices thanks to the feature of Cross-Device
  • act in a Multi-DSP logic, so that to transmit their own clusters on the main programmatic advertising network.

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