Data Intelligence

Data Intelligence: Big Data management at the service of brand’s digital strategy

Discover how to profit from Business and Data Intelligence to expand your market

Data Intelligence is one of the most innovative branch of every modern business strategy: a company that wants to be competitive on both off e online market cannot disregard the use of big data to set up the correct approach to the market.

Data Analysis becomes fundamental above all when it is necessary to plan an effective strategy, since big data permeate everyday life: consider that every day we create 2,5 quintillions of data bytes – so much that 90% of data worldwide has been created in the last two years.

It is easily understandable that the ability to analyze these data becomes crucial when we want to create services suitable for our potential clients: each company possesses a wide data bulk that it is however rarely analyzed; these data come from different sources, such as social media, websites of analysis, tracking systems and other data source.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of performance marketing activities of a brand it is important to work on client decisional approach, starting from big data analysis. And here it is where data intelligence joins the scene.

Thanks to the ability to use analysis tools such as Google Analytics we are able to plan web intelligence integrated strategies to analyze each aspect of the presence of a brand/product on the net: the objective is to measure performances and to study the way to improve them.

In order to reach this objective we need to assess in real time the dynamic of relationship between brand and consumers, so that to be able not only to understand the current trends but also to move up the users’ need. Under this perspective data mining plays a key role: it is essential to know from which sources to take the data and above all to own the abilities to read and interpret those data, to have a key of lecture and pull out evidences. That is the service we offer.

The ability of a specialist in business intelligence consists in the ability to extract data and to be able to accurately read and transform them into useful insights, in order to carry a competitive advantage in comparison with those who do not use this analysis procedure: the expert’s know-how is therefore the key tool for business intelligence activities.

With our service of data intelligence we organize and interpret different sources (first, second and third party data) in order to improve our client business strategy, both online and offline; the service inevitably passes through set up analysis platforms.

If you are interested in discovering Data Intelligence world and taking advantage from them, contact us for more details about the solutions that best suite your business and plan a strategy that will make your brand become disruptive on the market.

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