SMS Advertising

SMS Marketing: advertising created for smartphones and mobile phones

With SMS Marketing you can reach your target in a rapid and precise way

According to Nielsen Mobile Insight in Italy 2 people on 3 use mobile smartphones to send and receive mobile SMS (short messages service). This data demonstrates how mobile SMS are an efficient instrument to communicate with a specific target in a speed and efficient way because smartphone is the only device that allows to reach users wherever they are and in every moment of the day.

We activate SMS advertising channel for those clients who want to communicate to their users in a direct and personalized way.

Mobile marketing is founded on the principle of high personalization of the content because, differently to desktop devices, that may used by more than one person, smartphone is an intimate device, used only by the owner, and it is easier to create advertising customized messages.

In countertrend to the market, SMS is an effective instrument that owns lots of advantages:

  • It offers a One To One communication and so allows to reach precisely the desired target
  • It is the channel with the highest opening rate on the market (97%), because thanks to smartphone technology you can have a preview on the screen
  • You have the certainty that it has been sent: everybody who owns a mobile phone receives SMS, it is not necessary that it is a smartphone nor that it has internet active.
  • SMS advertising is integrated with other channels strategy – often it is supported by performance adv activities such as email marketing
  • It allows different level of targeting: geographic area, CAP, gender, job
  • It is a privileged channel because it is used by few advertisers
  • It is trackable and so it allows to exactly know user experience’s funnel like every other digital adv campaign
  • It is very effective for drive to store adv campaign because the smartphone is an intimate device that users always carry with them and this allows to show them specific messages while they are inside a store or in the nearby.

Realize with us a successful SMS advertising campaign! We will support you to write contents really interested for your target and to define a clear call to action.

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