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Search Engine Advertising: Google AdWords and PPC campaign

Rely on DigiTouch Group’s pros and discover how to take advantage of keyword advertising on Google AdWords and Bing Ads

Sometimes we call it Search Engine Advertising, some others keyword advertising. But what are we talking about? Sponsored announcements on search engines.

Part of the search engine marketing (SEM), search engine advertising (SEA) consists in planning paid announcements on search engines through the use of keywords and paying per click (PPC).

The aim of search engine advertising is to intercept those users who are interested in a specific service/product/argument.

Keywords play a main role in this kind of campaign: it is necessary to identify words that users write in search engines to activate their research and succeed in showing on the search result page a paid announcement that is coherent with the research users have done.

The payment method is defined Pay Per Click (PPC): advertisers pay only when users click on the announcement. In this way, CPC campaigns carry qualified traffic and increase conversion opportunities, avoiding waste of money.

Keyword advertising campaigns are planned through search engine platforms such as Google Adwords (the biggest in terms of users) and Bing Ads.

PPC campaigns are the most planned in online marketing: they are campaigns with the highest conversion rate because they allow to intercept users when they express a need. A correct or wrong search engine advertising campaign management can impact in a significant way on final results of the campaigns.

A multi-year experience team of professionals is at our clients’ disposal in order to manage keyword advertising campaigns so that to maximize profits both in b2b and in b2c ambit.

Keyword selection is operated through specific tools available on keyword advertising platforms thanks to which it is possible to analyze:

  •  Search volume
  • Trend
  • Average CPC
  • competitors

We are able to “read” all these data and to implement an efficient strategy in order to improve our clients’ ROI (return on investments) and to lower CPA (costs per acquisition). 

Campaigns Management on Google AdWords and Google Shopping

Google gives advertising investors the opportunity to increase their products visibility through an instrument called Google Shopping.

Google Shopping is an instrument that allows users to do researches and gather information on different products, on their features and on their prices and to let users to contact dealers in order to finalize the purchase. For a brand being on Google shopping means to have a high visibility of their products and then to increase the turnover.

To plan campaign on Google Shopping allows to intercept those users that are highly inclined to purchase.

Also Google Shopping Campaigns are paid in CPC: advertiser pays only when users click on the advertisement.

The difference between Google Adwords and Google Shopping regard:

  •  Campaign implementation
  •  Advertisement content

In order to develop Google Shopping campaigns it is necessary to upload a feed containing all the products on Google Merchant. Keywords that will activate paid announcements will be recalled within product cards (in particular by Title and Description). It is important to optimize product cards so that to assure the best placement.

With reference to advertising content, the difference is the following: in search engine campaigns the advertising is only textual while in Google Shopping campaign the advertising is composed by product image, product title, price and seller’s name (all information are taken by the feed). This is a big advantage because users know most of the information before clicking and so can choose where and which products to buy. The conversion rate of this campaign is higher because good part of the evaluation process happens before the click on the announcement.

We have a team of professionals who take care of campaign management for online reseller with a proved experience while supporting clients in all steps.

Plan with us on search engines and put us to the test!

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