Retargeting: to reach users interested in your services

With Remarketing on AdWords or on DSP you can increase the conversion of those users who have already shown an interest in your product/service

Retargeting, also called Remarketing, is an advertising technique based on the knowledge of users’ interests. It allows to propose again a message correlated to the previous message to those users that have already shown an interest towards a brand’s service/product.

This technique is possible thanks to the use of cookies on browser and allows to identify users according to their interests in an anonymous way.

This kind of communication is very effective because it is directed to a punctual target, in the right moment and with the right offer allowing an increase of conversion rate and conversions. We propose to use this activity with different instruments in order to reach our clients’ performance objectives.

As far as strategy is concerned, Retargeting is an important activity within a holistic view of the project that allows to intercept users which are in the lower part funnel and users that are close to conclude an action which is relevant for a brand, such as a subscription or a sale.

We activate retargeting when we plan advertising campaigns:

  • On DSP (automated platform for media buying and planning) – we buy single impressions in real-time (RTB) and show an adv message to those users that have previously shown an interest;
  • On Google display network and on Google search: we show an adv message to those users that have recently visited mobile apps and websites belonging to Google’s network or that are searching on Google a product/service which is similar to the one we have to promote on behalf of our Client.

We adopt two types of retargeting:

  • POSITIVE in order to concentrate adv activities on users that have already visited specific pages or a specific website,
  • NEGATIVE in order to exclude users that, for example, have already bought a specific product and so they will not be interested again, this in order to avoid budget wastes.

Moreover, thanks to the information regarding users’ interests inferred by users net-surfing’s behaviour,  it is possible to increase brand sales by showing other products/services in logic of up-selling and cross-selling.

It is important to work on fresh information: the shorter is the time spent after a user has shown an interest to a service product, the more effective retargeting is in terms of conversions.

Boost your ROI with us and achieve a high increase of your brand’s performance through retargeting!


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