Mobile Proximity

Mobile Proximity: online marketing intercepts users that are around you

Thanks to Proximity Marketing you can intercept users that are next to your store and interact with them

Proximity Mobile Marketing is an engagement technique based on temporary and physical proximity concept. This kind of mobile marketing allows to intercept users that are physically close to a relevant p place (for example a shop or immediately outside of it) through contents supply and push notifications on their mobile device.

Proximity Marketing can be used to deliver different kinds of contents: promotions, discount codes, special offers inside a shop, tailor-made contents. We can opt for this mobile marketing technique also if we want to ask a consumer a feedback about his/her purchase experience or if we want to trigger a mechanism of purchase encouragement, inviting users to visit again the shop (Customer Loyalty).

Proximity Marketing contents are sent to users’ smartphone and tablet through the use of beacons.

Beacons are a hardware facility that emits Bluetooth signals, because of this we also talk about “Bluetooth marketing”. It is through BLE protocol (or Bluetooth low energy), that beacons are able to communicate with those users’ devices that are compatible with this technology (all last generation devices). Only the oldest devices does not support beacon technology: iPhone less than version 4 or Android smartphone previous of version 4.3.

When we talk about Proximity Marketing we often mention iBeacon. The difference between beacon e iBeacon is that the first is hardware, the second is a patented Apple technology, aimed at receiving content on those smartphones which are localized in a beacon action area.

Beacons can be positioned within shops with the aim of intercepting potential consumers who are already inside the shop or that are just outside of it, thanks to a virtual perimeter (geofence).

It is truly relevant to opt for a communication strategy and for a kind of message focused not so much on Brand and product Awareness, but more on product sales outside the specific mobile proximity channel. Promotions, discounts, samples or similar communications are effective incentives for users who are about to enter a shop or are already inside. This kind of messages prove strongly effective in proximity marketing.

It is useful to opt for a mobile proximity strategy if you desire to offer an integrated on and offline user experience and if you want to enrich the user engagement with the brand.

Last but not least, thanks to Proximity Marketing power to influence users while they are buying something, this kind of mobile marketing improves offline sales and loyalty.

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