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Mobile Marketing and App Advertising Strategies

Branding and performance advertising on smartphone and tablet with Mobile Advertising

Mobile marketing, also called mobile advertising, is a kind of advertising planned on mobile devices and is frequently part of brands’ media plan because it allows to establish a dialogue between company and consumers.

Mobile devices have become the favourite access point to internet and for a brand it is fundamental to build an advertising strategy based on a strong coherence between content, context and channel.

This is not easy because mobile marketing ecosystem is in constant evolution and in order to have success it is necessary to have: a good knowledge of technologies, new mobile ad formats and new app marketing solutions – and it is important to know how and when to activate them.

We have seized this trend, moving as pioneers on Italian market and opening the doors of mobile advertising to many brands with the objective of taking marketers to profit from the numerous and real opportunities of this media.

Starting from a punctual mobile assets analysis, we help companies to implement an effective mobile advertising strategy focused on specific objectives through various steps:

  • Analysis of target and of service/product to promote
  • Drawing the engagement strategy that must be implemented
  • Choice of the adv formats
  • Identification of the best media mix and advertising activities
  • Creation of graphics for the realization of the campaigns
  • Monitoring and on-going optimization
  • Reporting

Adv formats that can be planned on mobile devices are:

  • Branding formats, such as Rich Media formats (banner with high users engagement) and Video formats, are mostly used to promote a brand and its services;
  • Performance formats – above all used in app marketing – such as App Install, App Re-engagement and App Performance, are used to push the downloads of an app, mobile app usage and revenue;
  • Display formats (banner) are used for branding, lead generation and new clients acquisition.

Mobile devices are intimate devices that we always carry with us making them the main touch point in the customer journey. Therefore it is important to insert and integrate mobile advertising in all brand communication media mixes.
It is necessary a solid experience and complementary expertise, the only way to manage activities in a more effective and efficient way.

  • Tracking: we support clients in the implementation and management of the main tracking tools;
  • Display Advertising: we are able to plan display and video advertising campaign in programmatic on m-site and on mobile app, through the use of DSP mobile, that are automated platforms for buying and selling adv placement on mobile;
  • Search Advertising: we are able to plan keyword advertising campaigns on search engines or to integrate already ongoing campaigns;
  • Social Advertising: planning of display and video campaigns on social platforms;
  • App Boost: to enlarge users acquisition we plan on vertical networks with focus on performance; to give visibility to a set of apps;
  • Push Notifications: we support our clients in the implementation and management of the Push Notification solutions, in order to create engagement campaigns on a profiled target, according to data on users web surfing, geolocalization and users interaction with a brand’s app.

Rely on us and catch the potentialities of this channel, in order to translate them into strategic value for your company. We will be on your side in the conception and development of an effective mobile adv strategy.

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