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Google Display Network: sponsored campaigns on display network

Display Campaigns and Gmail Ads to promote your business on Google’s wide websites and apps network

Google Display Network (GDN) is Google’s advertising network. It is based on display adv format and it is aimed at grabbing the user’s interest in the steps prior to the purchase cicle.

For these features, GDN differentiates from Google search, which is based on keyword advertising, namely regarding sponsored announcements and has the objective to intercept users while they are showing a clear inclination to purchase as they are in search of specific products and services.

Google Display Network allows advertisers to come in touch with customers in digital world with a wide variety of display adv formats. This net includes more than 2 million of websites and cover more than 90% of internet users. GDN allows advertisers to reach users when they are surfing on their favourite websites (display network), within their Gmail accounts (gmail Ads) or when they use m-sites and mobile apps.

Google Display campaigns are managed through Google AdWords dashboard, they are paid in CPC (cost per click) and offer the advantage to engage users with adv formats more engaging.

Contrary to Keyword Advertising campaigns, where campaign target is defined by keywords, in display campaign it is important to select the most suitable consumer segment while users are surfing on millions of websites.

Audience identification is essential for campaigns performance and to pinpoint the right public, Google offers different types of targeting:

  • Contextual Target: through a selection of keywords or matters it is possible to intercept the audience while it is surfing on websites with contents pertaining the activity to promote. For example an online flowers reseller could appear on a blog and/or on website focused on flowers.
  • Positioning Target: through the selection of manual positionings it is possible to show the specific pages announcements, online video, plays, websites and app prior selected.
  • Target by interests: it is possible to select an audience according to their interests and this allows to identify precise clusters. For example a reseller of sport items could plan its campaign on the specific cluster of sport lovers.
  • Remarketing: through display net it is possible to show advertisements to those users who have already visited the advertiser’s website.

Thanks to a team of experts specialized in media planning tools and in targeting on search engines tools, we are able to build effective media planning based on data analysis, on target identification and on planning of announcements on websites and apps, according to our client-companies’ objectives.

As for Search campaigns, also for Google Display Network campaigns it is possible to measure punctually the results and to exactly know on which pages display formats are published, which ones obtain more clicks and which websites generate the best performances.

Gmail is an exclusive positioning offered by Google Display network. The Advertiser can reach users while they are using their email accounts. Gmail Ads are very interactive and are visualized on top of the email pages. Advertising on Gmail is shown in a compressed way; just after a click the advertisement expands and reach the real size of an email. The announcements can include images, videos or other incorporated modules.

Also for this kind of ad formats the payment method is CPC and the cost is paid when users click on the compressed announcement.

Also for Gmail Ads there are different targeting options: contextual, by interests and socio-demo.

Give value to your display advertising, entrust our team of experts to intercept the most suitable audience for your campaigns. Contact us now!

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