DEM campaigns: Strategic Email Marketing for your company

Increase meaningfully the visits to your website with Email Marketing

Direct Email Marketing (DEM) is an effective strategy to drive traffic to your website and to increase campaign performances, because thanks to the cost of a single shipping and with a unique creativity it is possible to reach millions of users in target.

Our Group has a proprietary highly-profiled database, composed by hundreds of thousands of contacts b2b and b2c in Italy, very receptive towards promotional emails.

Email marketing campaigns allow to send commercial communications in a swift and immediate way to a wide number of users and to monitor users’ interaction: opening and reading, clicking on creativity, landing on a dedicated webpage (landing page – LP) and even the devolpment of a complex action such as fill in a form or make a purchase online.

We provide both proprietary targeted database and partnered ones; this allows us to reach users that have shown an interest towards a particular vertical, rather than just according to gender or geographic area.

A successful email campaign is built with a recognizable sender, an Object with a clear call to action and a targeted database.

The creativity must be engaging and must explain in few words or images the message a brand wants to tell; if the goal is to push product purchase, it is useful to insert a hook, such as a discount code or a promotion dedicated to email marketing activity. In this way it is possible to enhance the campaign’s performances, but it is also possible to monitor how many users convert into clients.

Likewise if the aim is traffic building, it is possible to see how many users, who received and clicked on the DEM, have visited the website.

Email marketing is a direct marketing tool that guarantees the highest ROI, at a low cost.

Thanks to a high level of fields’ personalization such as receiver’s name and surname, the direct email marketing channel allows to reinforce the relations with clients and tends to develop swift reactions in comparison with other direct marketing channels.

Another relevant element is the tracking of the shipping, thanks to precise monitoring tools able to observe users behaviour in terms of: openings, readings, forwards, clicks, shares, etc.

This channel can be used both for new clients acquisition’s purpose and customer loyalty activities.

Moreover, if inserted in an integrated communication strategy, email marketing contributes to build and increase company brand awareness.

Discover with us the direct email marketing potential!

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