BOT(H): new perspective of Marketing Automation thanks to Facebook’s bot

Discover DigiTouch Group’s ChatBot application in Italian to dialogue with your clients through Messenger’s bots

Among the last news presented by Facebook, one of the most disruptive consists in the opportunity to develop a Facebook Messenger’s application, namely a ChatBot.

But what is a bot? It is an application able to answer to precise users’ needs according to a prewritten script. Users have the feeling to chat with a real person thanks to the use of a simple language, easy to understand. We also talk about Messenger bot because chatbot applications look and behave like a profile inside Messenger.

Our Group has developed a own ChatBot application in Italian that is named BOT(H), where H stands for Human. It is a Marketing Automation custom platform that fits to brands’ specific needs, whichever vertical brand belongs to and that offers different solutions, realized ad hoc for each brand. It gives brands the opportunity to manage Facebook Messenger Facebook as prospects and clients’ entry channel in a strategic and automatized way. For this reason the use of BOT(H) allows companies to open a contact with their audience and to intercept potential clients, by actively involving them though an instant, interactive, private and personalized messaging.

Look at the video-demo and discover BOT(H)’s features:


Our Facebook ChatBot solution, BOT(H), supply to brands a competitive advantage by improving the interaction between company and client through 4 services:

  1. Customer care: optimize the interaction 24/7 with clients that have problems or frequent questions, by supplying them information more quickly and efficiently than a normal customer service;
  2. Conversational commerce: it allows to better know and record audience and customers preferences and it is able to interpret and assist online users during their choices of purchase both on and offline;
  3. Post-sale: it allows the management of orders through user identification, prior to CRM’s brand integration;
  4. Personal assistant: it supplies a support in agenda management by recording new business contacts and sending meetings reminds.

Moreover our platform BOT(H) allows to manage target profiling and enriches the segmentation with new characteristics observed during the process. This offers the opportunity to act toward business and sales, by increasing campaign productivity on prospects and clients.

If you appreciate innovation and a service of quality for your customers, you are talking to the right player. Put us to the test and rely on us to take advantage of a personalized Facebook ChatBot, able to give a boost to your brand!

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