Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing: what viral marketing is and how it works

Innovative strategies to trigger word of mouth through viral contents

“Content is King and distribution is Queen”. If content is The King and distribution is The Queen who are the princes and the princesses born from their marriage? For sure they are a positive consequence, which is called virality. As the virus spreads quickly and spontaneously among people, the same do viral contents.

They can be funny, touching, romantic, educational, original or proposed in a new way; what matters is that they are so much appreciated by people to prompt them to share the content with their contacts.

When marketing and advertising were analogue and computers and internet did not exist, virality had a reduced number of distribution channels: there was only the human word of mouth and the only way to measure the viral effectiveness of an advertising campaign was if this was able to generate earworm, expressions that would become part of the everyday language.

Some advertising showed claims such as “O così o Pomì” or wink dialogues as “Ho un certo languorino”, that implicitly brought to mind the brand and product associated to those words. At that time these campaigns were not called viral but simply highly unforgettable campaigns.

But internet increased people connections and the first viral video spread from e-mail to e-mail. Before the establishment of social networks, the main channel of viral content was the e-mail and, more than viral video, viral marketing used to insert its contents in power point or excel files that could be lightly and easily forwardable.

Now thanks to social networks, virality has found a new path to spread. At the same time competition among viral marketing players is increased, because people are reached by dozens of viral videos, photos and other contents every day. For this reason it is necessary to rely on an experienced player: we have more than ten years of experience in the realization of viral content. For our experience we think that in viral marketing it is necessary not to betray brand values.

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