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Social Media Strategy to increase companies’ brands and visibility

Social Media Content is part of Social Media Marketing (SMM), an extension of digital marketing that takes care of giving visibility to companies or brands through social media, digital communities and different platforms.

Social media are online platforms that allow an interaction among users (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+) and allow photo and video sharing (Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube), but they can also be blogs. These platforms have revolutionized company communication: they give clients and brands the opportunity to establish a conversation, a dialogue. Conversations have moved online and have created new sharing places that you can reach in every moment, hold a conversation and compare opinions with a wide audience.

How does Social Media Management work?

Every social medium has its own structure and specificity, an own language and different guidelines that must be respected in order to use this channel in an efficient way. In order to communicate in an effective way it is crucial to understand and manage these differences: it is important to choose the most suitable channels according to the brand’s core business and target.

An effective Social Media Management strategy can intercept online clients and prospects, enlarge customer base and improve relationships. Choosing all social networks is very rarely a winning move.

Each target prefers different platforms to communicate: it is important to understand time by time where our prospects are. Every social network has a peculiar language and specific targets that must be kept in consideration before planning any activities.

Marketing and Social Media Content’s objectives: the approach of DigiTouch Group

Social marketing objectives are the same of conventional marketing: to publicize a message, to let a brand be recognizable and to prompt an action.

A social media strategy must take into consideration these 4 steps:

  • Analysis: we start from your objectives gathering all information needed in order to develop a social media strategy
  • Strategy implementation: we create a strategy that includes a tactical planning of activities that will help developing or reinforcing your company’s awareness
  • Execution: we develop editorial/content strategies to support innovative creativity, the set-up of personalized pages, the realization of social adv campaign and the community management. Every step will be shared with the client so that to have a common strategy that reflects company values and mission
  • Measurement: in order to monitor the trend of the chosen social media and to measure the strategy efficiency, we provide every month customized reports according to client’s objectives and wishes (social engagement, reach, fan, etw).

Social networking can become an essential component for your company. Discover with us how to develop an effective social media strategy to communicate at best with your target audience.

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