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Social Media Advertising: adv on social networks

Discover why invest in Social Media Marketing is an effective engagement strategy

Social ads are a kind of interactive advertising based on adv messages that are displayed in Social Networks and in online Communities. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and many other social networks offer brands this opportunity.

Social advertising advantage for marketers is to offer different parameters of targeting, reaching only those users interested in brand’s products and services.

Social advertising allows to generate social engagement on social network in a rapid and effective way. Communication on Social Networks thrives through online word of mouth and spreads with simple action buttons such as share and like. This works when message/product/service is really relevant, engaging and innovative for users. Contrary to the advertising on traditional mass media – where consumers receive messages in a passive way – on social networks consumers can engage in dialogues with the brands and create a community that can ratify or deny the success of a brand.

It is important for a brand to invest in Social Media Marketing provided that it implements an effective strategy. Thanks to a multi-year expertise and a wide client portfolio, we are able to accompany brands to build an effective social adv campaign.

We focus on brand’s objectives with the following activities:

  • We define the audience in order to make brand’s service/product relevant and contextual
  • We analyze all advertising options so that to customize the most effective mix of social adv activities
  • We track, analyze and optimize brand advertising investment in order to have full control on buzz coming from social adv activities

What is Social Media Marketing? How to manage Facebook ads and adv on other social networks

Social media marketing differentiates from other marketing forms because it gives companies the possibility to dialogue with consumers, to receive their comments, feedbacks and suggestions and to give them an answer. Social media marketing gives consumers a voice and commits companies to take care of both contents and real-time interactions with consumers.

We handle social communication projects that stretch from social advertising, to social media & community management and special communication projects that amplify communication.

If Social Media & Community Management mainly focuses on brand image, social media advertising can answer to different objectives:

    • Brand awareness: to communicate the existence of a brand or product
    • Consideration: to generate interest about brand’s product/service, in order to boost traffic on brand’s website
    • Intent: retargeting campaigns with objective lead generation and data acquisition of those users who have shown interest towards brand’s products/services
    • Acquisition: pure performance campaign, aimed at increasing online revenues and optimize ROI.

It is important to create synergy among all the different activities planned on social media, thinking to a holistic digital strategy, so that social channels are well blended into a consistent media plan.

Among social networks, Facebook has proved to be the most complete, according to both technique aspects and communication ones: through facebook ads, marketers can work simultaneously on different objectives, connecting different initiatives of communication in order to follow the final user in all customer journey’s touchpoints.

We have followed with attention the evolution of Facebook platform and we have caught all the characteristics since the beginning: from simple ad formats until the study of social applications such as chatbots and proximity marketing solutions.

Put us to the test and build with us an effective social media advertising strategy!

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