Social Community Building

Community Management: web-community management on social platforms

Discover the effectiveness of Social Community Building to increase your business visibility

“Man is by nature a social animal” said Aristotle. Social behaviour is continuously reinvented. Web innate nature allows a level of socialization and interaction far more extended in comparison with offline.

On social networks and web communities users interact each other, express their point of view and aggregate through passions and similar interests. This spontaneous activity is a singular form of marketing called Social Community Building, or Social Media Marketing, and is one of our Group’s specialization area. Social Community Building is a set of techniques, activities and marketing competences that allow to generate value for a brand in a natural way.

Today more than ever brands need to be represented by their consumers: we help our clients to develop a direct communication channel with their consumers, to co-create their set of values, to define an active cooperation and high engagement rate through Social Media Marketing and Community Management.

To achieve this we carry out the following activities:

  • in-depth analyze the brand, product, competitive scenary, languages, styles and objectives;
  • Define brand social ecosystem;
  • Create an editorial strategy that we reproduce in a personalized editorial plan, with tone of voice, type, frequency and variety of content;
  • We produce the necessary contents (texts, graphics, video, other,…);
  • We manage and monitor the dialogue between brand and consumer in a proactive and punctual way.

Social Community are log-term projects, that can bring about big prosperity, they are place for sharing and listening, insight generation, actual and prospecting consumers engagement, creation of loyalty and sales promoters.

Our Group has a multi-year experience the management of Social Community Management projects such as:

  • Pet Passion ( the biggest web-community dedicated to pets’ owners and lovers, operative since 2009 and created together with Purina (Gruppo Nestlé);
  • Wind Business Factor ( a virtual accelerator and a training program realized for the telco Wind business unit in order to support the birth of new start-ups and the growth of Italian innovative companies since 2011 –  project managed until May 2018.

To create a brand community means offer our clients all our competences and knowledge in the following areas: Strategic Planning, Social Media Management, Community Management and content production. Then we build with our clients long-term strategic projects based upon shared needs and objectives.

Put us to the test and build with us your Social Community Building project!

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