Display & Rich Media Advertising

Display Advertising & Rich Media: the best online strategies

Effective Display Advertising campaigns to increase lead generation

Display advertising is one of the traditional web marketing planning form. It allows to communicate through innovative and engaging formats within the user’s page of interest.

This kind of planning allows a brand to work on every step of the customer journey and to intercept users in different moments: when need arise, during products comparison process, when the user has already chosen the brand and is facing the final decision to buy the product.

Display advertising is effective in different steps of the customer journey and offers different user engagement forms. Brands used to include display advertising in their media strategies both in case of brand awareness objectives and of lead generation or conversions increase ones.

Display advertising follows planning logics similar to those adopted by classic media. The advertising space’s value is determined according to different parameters, among which the most important are:

  • audience: number of users that visit the website where the banner is displayed,
  • website’s web rank,
  • the time that ad advertisement remains visible,
  • ads format and size,
  • advertising pressure dedicated to the brand.

The purchase of advertising spaces can occur in different ways: CPM (cost per thousand of impressions), CPC (cost per click), flat cost (fixed cost, it is independent by the number of impressions or click).

Online advertising is displayed in spaces offered by publishers. The ad format that can be planned as display advertising are: banner, pop-up and pop-under, rich media and interstitial.

Banners are the most widespread format and can be customized in different standard sizes, recognized by IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau): box, halfpage, leaderbord, strip and skyscraper.

Rich Media Advertising: implementation of a successful approach

Rich media are innovative formats that allow users to interact directly with a brand. Some examples of rich media are: skin (advertisement that covers a website’s backdrop), expandible banners and overlays (ad format that gives the possibility to illustrate an advertising content over a website page).

This kind of digital marketing is an essential part of all media mix. In order to develop the best media plan it is important to define the inventory on which the advertisement will be displayed with carefulness, to leverage on market knowledge and on different own tools, able to analyze the affinities between brand target and website’s users.

There are two ways to supply Display and Rich media advertising campaigns:

  • Through direct deals with agency dealers
  • Through programmatic platforms (DSP), that allow to reach users in target everywhere they are internet surfing.

Even if display advertising is one of the most traditional media planning type on digital media, it’s still one of the most used.

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