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Strengthen your Blogger Relations with DigiTouch Group’s skills in Digital PR

Digital PR is an evermore successful activity in digital marketing plans. The field is recent and still in development and Digital PR can be interpreted in different ways. Somebody consider digital PR as the equivalent of traditional public relations.

With more than ten years of experience in social media strategy our Group is able to develop every level of engagement with bloggers.

Let’s analyze what digital PR is and try to explain at best how public relations have earned a distinctive role in company communication and marketing strategies. Public Relations help generate a good and lasting brand reputation, able to express and communicate a company’s vision and its objectives. Digital PR offers great advantages.

Media and Blogger Relations: which Digital PR strategy is needed to help increase your company’s visibility?

First of all people tend to to give credibility to what they read: suggestions and advisory read on a blog or in social influencers’ pages are considered more believable and worthy of trust and they are not perceived as advertisement but as suggestion.

Moreover digital PR is over-lasting contents that stay on the net thus constituting a visibility due to the long tail of the net.  Digital PR increases popularity links, in other words it increases the number of links to a website and this generates a positive benefit for pages’ index on search engine tools.

When we talk about digital PR we use acronym such as PPC (Pay Per Click), CTO (Call To Action) and for that reason Digital PR is often shortened in DPR. This acronym allows us to summarize the extended wording Digital PR.

Put us to the test. Plan and start an effective Digital PR strategy for your brand!

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