Integrating online and offline channels is today the best competitive strategy undertaken by the major Italian brands that want to develop their business.

Today the Customer Journey is becoming more and more complex and articulated. There are now 32 million Italians who use the Internet in one or more phases of the purchasing process and expect, therefore, to live integrated brand experiences on the various points of contact (point of sale, website, e-Commerce, social networks, contact center, advertising).

63% of Italian companies consider omnichannel to be a fundamental lever for achieving marketing objectives (increase in sales and increase in customers). But between saying “omnichannel” and putting into practice such strategies, most of the time, some fundamental passage can be missed. There is also no lack in technological, organizational and governance barriers (lack of budget, vision or corporate culture) that can hinder this path.

Omnichannel takes a step forward not only because it puts the consumer at the center, but also because it provides an interconnected system between all points of contact.

There is therefore a transfer of data between the different channels and coherent content strategies, so that the user can not only interact with the company with a multiplicity of options, but also live the same experience on all of the touchpoints without having interruptions in the path from one to the other.

Connecting online and offline channels raises the digital experience of the customer even in the store.

This new concept allows your company to interact with your customers across all channels.

In addition to standard methods (telephone, e-mail, web), your customers can contact you via the new media channels such as social media or chat.

The omnichannel content strategy allows consumers to interact when and where they want, regardless of the field of competence; the ultimate goal is to orchestrate high value experiences for all touchpoints.

A brand that uses the same voice and the same personality in every communication channel, which is consistent with prices and promotions, eliminates the word confusion from the User Experience.