Milan, March 16th 2017

Once upon a time…

Our story begins in March 2007, when Gianni Matera told some friends (Paolo Mardegan, Daniele Meini, Simone Ranucci Brandimarte, Federico Lazzarovich e Michele Ampollini), – pioneers of web and mobile European market and main players of successful projects like Buongiorno, Glamoo, OneBip and Neo Network – about his entrepreneurial dream: creating an Italian independent digital advertising agency.

At that time, there were no smartphones, just mobile phones, Facebook had just arrived in Italy, advertising was led by large International Groups, not even to mention the absence of programmatic and DSP. Despite this, all the six partners were confident that this was the right time to build an agency that could bring together the best talents for communication and digital technologies in Italy.

So, they did. Year after year, the agency grew thanks to timeless effort in identifying future scenarios, attracting talents, innovating and developing new and better products and services, aggregating new backgrounds, working with the most demanding clients that gladly have become our ambassadors and, moreover, in building-up a Group of people. Not just people that accomplish tasks, but that share trust, commitment and loyalty in line with DigiTouch’s dream.

In March 2015, our company went public on the AIM Italy market and now is one of the main independent digital market players in Italy, specialized in Mar-Tech, i.e. marketing and communication technologies in support of sales.

The DigiTouch Group is now in charge of: four agencies (DigiTouch Agency, Performedia, E3 and Optimized Group), the unit DigiTouch Consulting that is specialized in strategic consultancy of digital transformation, the agency trading desk DAPcenter, the Data Management Platform Audiens and the comparison websites MutuiPerLaCasa.com and Autoandplus.com. The Group has two offices, one in Milan and one in Rome, has hundreds of clients, suppliers and shareholders, and more than 120 employees.

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